'Mariette' Boot - Ivory/Gold

Beautifully made from glossy patent leather and shimmer gold leather with satin ribbon laces,  the Mariette boots are both stylish and comfortable.  They look adorable with any outfit and are designed to coordinate with our clothing collections.

With padded ankles to support little legs and soft leather inners and insole which has an inbuilt arch to promote healthy foot development.

Find your size in 4 simple steps

1. Place the larger foot on a sheet of paper and, with a pencil, mark a line on the big toe and another on the heel.

2. Draw a straight line between the two marks on the sheet.

3. Measure the straight line you drew on the paper to determine the size of the shoe in centimetres.

4. Use the chart to find the most appropriate shoe size for the child’s foot. The measurements given refer to the measurement in centimetres of the inner sole and the corresponding size dimension. 

EU20 EU21 EU22 EU23 EU24 EU25 EU26 EU27
 12.5cm 13.2cm 13.8cm 14.5cm 15.2cm 15.9cm 16.6cm 17.3cm