Festivals with Little Ones

Festival time is upon us and there are some fantastic venues which are aimed at families.  As Camp Bestival winds up today, there are plenty more to see if you’ve missed it and would love to experience a family festival!  You can find a list of the best UK family festivals for 2018 here https://www.mumsnet.com/travel/family-festivals 

The main items on my packing list would be baby wipes in abundance - dirty hands, messy faces, even stains on clothes, I find wipes so useful!  Plenty of changes of clothes, my 3 monkeys are prone to finding muck.  Reins - Fifi loves to explore and has a tendency to make a run for it!  And finally some dry shampoo, a mum staple and something I can’t live without now!  For a complete list of essentials check out 18-family-festival-essentials-you-don-t-want-to-arrive-in-a-field-without

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